Karam Korpom Activities are regularly covered by prominent media in Chennai such as The Hindu, The New Indian Express, DT Next, Mylapore Times and so on.

Mylapore School’s dirty wall gets Colourful #Story by Mylapore Times


Karam Korpom on Makkal TV

There was a story about Karam Korpom and its activities on Makkal TV on the occasion of May Day 1st May 2021. Here is the video link of the interview.

“Kalki” carries a story on Karam Korpom

Happy to share that “Kalki”, a highly respected Tamil magazine, carried an article about Karam Korpom this week. Credits to all volunteers and supporters for this recognition.

Times Of India 29th Aug 2019

Indian Express-6 April 2019

The Hindu Downtown, 29 April 2019

On BIG FM – featuring in “Big Heroes of Chennai” show- 13 Dec 2018


The Hindu Downtown- 30 Nov 2018

The New Indian Express – 28 Nov 2018

Mylapore Times – 27 Nov 2018

DT Next – 30 Oct 2018

The New Indian Express-11 Sep 2018

Citizen Matters – 13 June 2018

Mylapore Talk -10 June 2018

The New Indian Express- 9 June 2018

Mylapore Times – 4 June 2018

The Hindu Downtown – 18 May 2018

The Hindu Downtown- 28 Feb 2018

The Hindu Downtown -26 Jan 2018